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Back To Earth Projects

Project location: London | Haringey | Tottenham

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Created: Thursday March 15, 2012

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A registered charity based on Broadwater Farm in Tottenham, North London.

Back To Earth works for sustainable community regeneration and local community cohesion by reducing health inequalities; improving living standards and the environment for people living in Tottenham and Haringey.

To achieve these ends we seek to:

- empower local residents to make the best and most productive use of their surrounding land and community facilities.
- enable people to learn new skills - or develop existing ones - through practical, accessible education and accredited training in land–based green skills and healthy fresh food growing and catering.
- develop social enterprises like: the Farm Community Kitchen for healthy eating and cooking; local food growing in our community gardens - and a fresh Food Co-op - all locally run, using “local” food, employing local people and regenerating local estates, the community centre and Lordship Rec sustainably.

Back To Earth Projects

London | Haringey | Tottenham